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Johannesson lab at Blodomloppet

Today our group participated in Blodomloppet Stockholm 2024. This is a running race to promote blood donations. Our team ran a combined distance of more 100 km!

Mario defends his master thesis

Today Mario Walthert successfully defended his master thesis “Isolation and Cultivation of Fungi from Swedish Nature”! It turned out to be a very cool study generating a resource of cultures of edible mushrooms from the Stockholm-Uppsala area. Congratulations, Mario!

Welcome Peter Jan!

Today we welcome Peter Jan Vonk as the newest member of the group! Peter Jan has a background in molecular biology of mushroom-forming fungi and will join us in the work to determine the structure and function of the germline in Marasmius oreades.

Hanna at Gothenburg Science Festival

Hanna participated in Gothenburg science festival, talking about fungal life cycles together with Leif Anderson from Gothenburg. See the discussion here:

Hanna serving as opponent in Copenhagen

Hanna served as opponent in Copenhagen, when Guangshou Li defended his thesis “Taxonomy and adaptations of termite-associated fungi” and visited Michael Poulsen’s research group.

Paper with colleagues from Czech

After a very comprehensive and constructive review process, the paper on factors driving diversification in the cyanobacterium Microcoleus is finally published in Nature communications. Lots of genomes and lots of hard work! Read the paper here!

Lore's paper published

One more piece of work from Lore’s PhD-thesis is published in Genome Biology and Evolution. Here, we present chromosome-level assemblies of the remaining species of the Podospora species complex and make an attempt to resolve their phylogenetic relationships. Lore’s work has really contributed to making Podospora a fine model system for the study of genome evolution! Read the paper here!

Welcome Marieke!

Marieke van der Poel started as a master student in the lab! She will delve into the genomes of Neurospora sitophila and in particular investigate spore killer resistance factors. Welcome!

Petter halftime

Petter successfully presented and defended his half-time PhD-report. He got very useful feedback from the external reviewer Francisco Nascimento from our home Department here at SU. Well done, Petter and thanks Frasse.

Hanna elected as member of the Royal Swedish Academy

Hanna was elected as member in the class of biology, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Congratulations, Hanna!


Ivar's paper published

Ivar’s first chapter in his PhD-thesis was accepted in Mobile DNA! Read the paper here!

Lore and Xi-Hui leave the group

This week, we said farewell to Lore, who will move to France for her VR-funded postdoc work, and to Xi-Hui, who went back to China to continue working with the morels back home. Xi-Hui brought us to the best Chinese restaurant in Uppsala, so we got some good food while wishing them good fortune for the next moves!

Noah halftime

Today Noah successfully defended their halftime thesis “Some like it hot - Genomic traits of thermophilic fungi”. Opponent was Aelys Humphreys from DEEP. In the evening the group celebrated at restaurant Hermans in Stockholm. Congratulations, Noah!

Paper on morel ascospore variation published!

Our paper on spore formation in Morchella galilaea, driven by Xi-Hui Du, was published online in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology. In this paper, Xi-Hui shows intriguing data on variability in ascospore size, number and shape and conidia produced directly from ascospores in this species. Read the paper here!

Visit to Nagy lab in Hungary

Markus, Boel, Mario and Hanna went to Szeged in Hungary to visit the group of Laszlo Nagy! We had a “mini conference” with short talks, saw their lab and discussed ongoing collaboration. A very nice trip!

HumFun meeting

This day was the day of this semester for meeting up with our mycologist-friends in the HumFun-network. The group went to Uppsala for a full day of presentations that ended with a nice party.

Paper on Sordariales phylogeny published!

Noah’s paper on the phylogeny and comparative genomics in the Sordariales order has been published online, in Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. Congratulations Noah, amazing work!

Mushroom excursion & crayfish party

Today we went to the field to help Mario collect mushrooms for his master thesis. We ended the evening with a crayfish party (caught from lake Vättern) at Hanna’s house.

Mario joins the lab

Mario Walthert is a new master student starting in our group. He will investigate conditions for fruiting of basidiomycetes. Welcome Mario!

Hanna gives a presentation on Swedish radio

Our PI, Hanna Johannesson, is giving her program at Sommar i P1. The program is dedicated to the fungi. Listen to it here:

Visit from Gulnara Tagirdzhanova

Gulnara Tagirdzhanova is visiting our lab today to discuss lichen genomics. Lots of fun to hear about the development of a lichen model species!

Morel excursion in Morga

Today we visited Morga hage south of Uppsala to sample some morels for Xi-Hui’s project. Apart from some sunny weather, mosquito bites, and a nice day in the field, we found some yellow morels! They will make a nice addition to our project about the distribution of morel species in Northern Europe, if we manage not to eat them all that is…

Boel at the Genomics workshop in Cesky Krumlov

Our PhD-student Boel Olsson is in Cesky Krumlov for the Genomics workshop! Great place to be to learn from the leaders of the field!

Noah and Petter at NLSEB

This week, Petter Madsen and Noah Hensen are participating with posters at the Netherlands Society for Evolutionary Biology! They also visit the Laboratory of Genetics in Wageningen to discuss more in-depth research on fungal evolution.

Crafoord week

A hectic week is coming to an end. Most of the group attended the Crafoord-symposium that was arranged in honour of Dolph Schluter, this year’s Crafoord-laureate. I was the ambassador for the Fungal Kingdom at the symposium, and gave a talk on fungal speciation. And, yesterday Lorena was handed a well-deserved scholarship from the hands of the King of Sweden. It all ended with a really nice banquet last night! Now, back to work again…

Marion joins the lab!

Today Marion Orsucci starts as a researcher in the Johannesson lab, bringing in her expertise in population genomics. She will work on hybrid speciation of Verticillium phytopathogens. Welcome, Marion!

Workshop with the "Humongous fungus" group

Today we meet with the so-called Humongous fungus group, which is a network that brings together mycologists from Uppsala and Stockholm Universities. Looking forward to hear many interesting talks today about cutting-edge fungal research. In the evening we have a joint celebration for today’s event and Ivar’s halftime defence that took place yesterday, with a potluck party and pub!

Halftime defence of Ivar

Today, Ivar successfully defended his half-time PhD-thesis. External opponent was Gitte Petersen from DEEP! Congratulations, Ivar!

Hanna interviewed about "The Last of Us" TV series

Lately Hanna has been busy commenting on the threats of fungi in the news, as people are watching the series “The Last of Us”. Hopefully, the attention fungi get from the series will lead to more knowledge about fungi in the end! Here are the links! up and running

The domain name change has been finalized and new version of the website is running. Stay tuned to for news from our lab group.

johannessonlab is live!

We are very excited to launch our new lab web page! Stay tuned to this site for bigger announcements about what’s going on at the Johannesson lab. Follow us also on twitter for our day-to-day activities.