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Methylation in Neurospora

Conidiating Neurospora
Conidiating Neurospora

Highly related to the Sordariales genome evolution project, we here explore methylation in Neurospora in particular. We have gathered methylome information from multiple species and strains of Neurospora, grown in different conditions. The large-scale pattern of a link between sequence divergence and methylation-divergence is clear, but there is an unexpectedly high proportion of conserved methylated sites. While gene-body methylation in Neurospora is low overall, some genic cytosines show conserved methylation between different Neurospora species. In this project we aim to characterize the level of gene-body methylation, and why and how it has been conserved in the genus.

Group members involved in the Methylation project: Jesper Svedberg, Johan Reimegård

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