Johannesson Lab at Stockholm University

I am mainly interested in studying the adaptation of microorganisms to atypical environments as well as their potential optimization for human applications.

During my university course, I became passionate about the evolution of species and the genomic mechanisms that are responsible for it, as well as biotechnological applications, in particular agri-food.

My master’s thesis focuses on the evolution of transposable element repertoires in autogamous and allogamous species of Arabidopsis.

During my PhD, I studied the domestication of Penicillium roqueforti, blue cheese mold, through cheese making, metabarcoding, genomics, metabolomics, volatilomics and association genetics, to identify the selected traits in cheese and their genomic determinants, but also to better characterize the genetic diversity of the species and produce new strains of interest.

Currently, I am studying the adaptation of filamentous fungi from an iron mine capable of degrading petroleum products as the sole carbon source, through growth and degradation tests, as well as transcriptomics to identify the genes responsible for their growth and their resistance to heavy metals, but also to determine the best candidates and the best degradation conditions to potentially use them in the bioremediation of polluted environments.

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