Johannesson Lab at Stockholm University

I am an evolutionary biologist, broadly interested in trait variation and adaptation of organisms. I completed my PhD in Dec. 2015 at University of Montpellier (France) I was working on how plant specialization could be a driver of divergence in phytophagous insect. Then I moved at Uppsala university (Post-doc 2016-2019) to study the polyploidization and the effect of the genetic load using a wonderful plant model (Capsella spp.). Then I continued to work on the same model species to understand the strength of the mating system shift as one of the main driver of plant diversification (Post-doc at SLU Uppsala, 2019-2023). Since April 2023, I’m a researcher in the Johannesson Lab at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences (DEEP, Stockholm university). I’m currently discovering the fungi world working more specifically on the evolutionary convergence and the population structure of Verticillium longisporum, a soil-borne fungus responsible for Verticillium wilt disease, which leads to significant crop losses and economical damage.

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